The torture of a lion and the quick consequences

The torture of a lion and the quick consequences

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By Gustavo Portocarrero Valda

A recent example of international mobilization that has shocked and outraged the world, with multiple results, has been the killing of a lion in South Africa. An American dentist from the northern state of Minnesota has brutally killed a peaceful lion named Cecil, who lived in a refuge in the protected reserve of Zimbabwe.

According to the abundant information, the hunter paid the sum of fifty thousand dollars to the businessman of the safari, an amount that covered local rights of the African country, plus other personal expenses for his adventure. It has been proven that –possibly desperate as he did not find the animal he was looking for– he caused the cat to leave its shelter with a bait. Having achieved the objective, he shot him with a crossbow, seriously wounding him and causing him a horrible torture for almost two days. The victim wore an electronic international ring around his neck for identification and warning of caution.

According to subsequent reports, the lion was in agony for 40 hours, suffering from the arrow inside his body, until when he was found alive he received a final shot with a firearm. That wealthy hunter - named Walter James Palmer - assumed that he would have no legal problem as he was outside the reservation. After prolonged tracking and shooting, he managed to cut off his head and skin him to obtain his skin. Already escaped from Zimbabwe, the fugitive was quick to declare that he did not do anything illegal and that he did not know details, blaming his own guides, not without "regretting" that he was a lion highly appreciated by the local people.

The unscrupulous hunter had to quickly leave Zimbabwe, taking the trophy (the head and the fur of the feline), abandoning the naked body of the unfortunate lion to the action of the open air and jungle heat (to its putrefaction)

Naturally, any trophy of this nature is to be exhibited at home, together with others already accumulated of the same species - worse if collected by an inveterate head hunter. The fruits of those skills, elegantly dissected and presented, are hung on the walls of elegant salons, as a vain display of heroism and bravery, plus the enjoyment of the gratifying pleasure of receiving praise and admiration. Such are the typical complexes of the natural born criminal who, due to his long history - as has also been reported - was a candidate for honor in the bow and arrow hunter record book. According to his own statements, he learned to shoot at the age of five, showing very good aim.

His hunting mania was immediately confirmed by the police. The authority reported that this character was under observation by the authorities, after giving false information about a black bear that he himself killed in 2006 in the State of Wisconsin. It was also an area for animal protection.

Having accomplished his feat, the aforementioned actor did not give the local authorities or the Zimbabwean public time to react or be rooted for his trial. It is not ruled out either that the local outrage, taken away, had immediately executed him, for being the best known and most loved lion in that country. Despite his escape, the authorities have promptly requested his extradition.

When the hunter returned to his city, he was immediately subjected to all kinds of harassment-censorship. The press did not leave him alone and people came out en masse to protest angrily at his home, to the extent that he had to ask for police help for fear of his life. Other people went to his dental clinic (closed as a precaution), where they left him stuffed animals (mainly tigers, lions, and leopards) and signs that covered the entire entrance door. His own patients told television that he had to leave the city because they no longer want him. Indeed, that dentist personally made the announcement that he was closing his clinic and transferring the clientele.

It became known that, to cool things off under the pretext of a vacation (which he had already taken in Africa), he immediately went away to Miami, Florida. Unfortunately for him, even more people were waiting for him who, in the face of such an exalted demonstration, would once again resort to police assistance.

The force of communication continued to produce effects. Almost immediately two aviation companies, operating in South Africa, announced the suspension of all transport of animal trophies to which a third was close to joining. Awareness began on the black continent that hunting should be definitely prohibited, even in private areas. The distant Costa Rica published its determination to prohibit ostentatious hunting. The organization AVAAZ collected several million signatures of all kinds of nationalities, directed - both to countries with endangered felines and entities of international importance - demanding clear and concrete measures that prohibit the transport, admission and commercialization of animal parts, in order to cut off their economic sources of support.

It is worth remembering that the morbid vice of hunting was always typical of the wealthy businessmen - whites in addition - in Europe, the United States and other parts of the world, before the shameful and tolerant servitude of black and Asian countries with colossal fauna. Let us also remember that the English monarchy was the first to organize expensive and wasteful first-class hunts (particularly in Africa and Asia) with political elites of the "Lords" and special guests. All that to enjoy cruel adventures at the expense of countries whose rulers - wilder than their own jungle animals - were very happy to ingratiate themselves with their international masters, even welcoming them. However, on the other hand, poor people would stretch out their hands for a few pennies, in exchange for additional services of guiding, loading, cleaning, helping and skinning the victims.

Times have passed and changed. Unfortunately, a great mass of such appreciated world fauna - many of that, even without being beasts - continue giving their lives to satisfy vanities, waste of money and ostentation. Such are lions, tigers, leopards, panthers, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, bears, hippos, alligators, snakes, foxes, martens, otters, and countless majestic birds. Not to mention the butterflies, which have already become extinct in the wild and on which excellent prices were paid for their capture.

Let us now return to the lion. When saying of environmental organization AVAAZ, "Cecil was well loved in Zimbabwe, known for his incredible black hair, and for being friendly with photographers and tourists."

The powerful effect of the ecologist conscience avalanche made its voice felt in the world. Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many others), as well as the direct action of electronic mail (email) showed great potential for rapid mobilization.

However the battle still begins. Now is the time for the United Nations Organization to take action, clear and concrete on the problem:

1. Immediate codification of species at risk of extinction, under the advice of international technical organizations, universities and scientists versed in the matter.

2. Express prohibition of this hunt, by means of international norm or law, with the due pre-established sanctions, against any country that - having fauna in danger of extinction - has not legislated on this matter with the severity that the case requires. Likewise, if it does not comply with rigor in the application of its own legal regulations.

3. Creation of concrete international criminal figures or types against the following specific conducts: purchase, sale, donation, transfer, transport, traffic, offer, advertising of any kind and any other activity - that is not cultural, educational or charitable - on animals live, or parts of dead animals (of the encoded species)

4. Confiscation - still public - of all clothing or ornamentation, even partial, made with parts of cataloged animals.

5. Opening and action of the international jurisdiction against anyone who has not been tried in his country for the established crimes. Expansion of criminal jurisdiction to try hunters, traffickers and accomplices in any other country, with effects also in any other part of the world, for being crimes against humanity.

6. Careful study to protect regular subsistence hunting, limiting it to the needs of natives and aborigines, but prohibiting its commercial nature.

The application of the above measures could re-educate the international community, freeing it from harmful customs. It would also be an excellent way to stop, in some way, the hobbies of the rich - who waste their excess money, not knowing what to spend it on - and of those who do business, speculate and seek excessive profit and wealth at the expense of animal life. This profit is so excessive and irrational because the prices, especially of live animals, are so fabulous that they are forced to go clandestine (only through the Internet)

However, we must not forget that, behind all of the above, there is a hidden world of the mafia that benefits as an inciter, perverse co-causer and very rich in money. Their magazines show wild animals as cruel and evil because they deform their photographs, through retouching their eyes and teeth. It is a typically demonic world, thirsty for blood and money. It is about the manufacturers of hunting weapons and the hunters associations that have turned a part of contemporary society into the market for their morbidities. These associations consider hunting as a “sport” –without being such– awakening pernicious “skills” and inviting them to enroll permanently in such activity.

A range of manufacturers of rifles, shotguns, crossbows and other hunting instruments have become famous in the world. North American brands: Remington, Colt, Mauser, Winchester, Smith & Wesson, among others, have devoured European production. In that lucrative activity, they improve and change their products with more scope and capacity. They are also redesigned in their shape with openwork, colors, elegant and fine carvings, for an elegant and attractive commercial final figure. They add telescopic sights with efficient visibility to focus the target very well for the shot - even at night with an infrared view - and they have the luxury of making silver bullets. There are also gold colors, strikingly similar to the precious metal.

Hunting clubs are all powerful and inform their associates about seasons of action, costs, hotels, ambient temperatures and other data that facilitate a good mission; they also sponsor contests. The National Rifle Association The US is an extremely powerful national organization that uses spies and has the luxury of confronting those who oppose gun ownership. American Hunter magazine has a circulation of millions of copies.

Parallel to the arms business, there is the industry of clothing and equipment for the hunter. Feather hats, green camouflage suits, tents suitable for the night, sleeping bags, transportable instruments for feeding, first-aid kits, binoculars, etc., etc. is offered to clients. There is every functional product to honor the hunter's heroism, with the comfort that he requires,

A psychologist told me that this sub-species of humans, used to killing - almost without risk and without fear of anything - and with the behavior of the little sons of the wealthy dad, harden your conduct. However, he would be cowed if he had the role of a soldier, in the middle of a war battle.

On the other hand, the natural physical base of planet Earth also suffers, separately, with the activity of the shotguns. Its use - in second class hunting - releases large quantities of pellets, which are scattered and accumulated on the ground by the ton. Much of that is ingested by birds (which need pebbles for their gizzards); situation that ends with those, because lead is poison. The entity Ecologists in Action, has denounced that in Spain there are almost one million hunters and about six thousand tons of scattered pellets, which also chemically pollute wetlands and rivers. This outstanding organization has calculated the number of birds killed by this fatal action at sixty thousand; mostly aquatic.

All the collateral problem that is generated with the manufacture of weapons, as dangerous as lucrative - because its producers are not angels, but bold and aggressive - would fall easily - and by itself - if its base is destroyed. with the hunting suppression.

Let's conclude this article with a double reflection, although it may seem unnecessary:

Would we deny, now, that the socio-economic system is the direct cause of the extinction of animal species? Doesn't the cult of money production, typical of corporate society, also stimulate the blind use - and even the abuse - of nature's goods?

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