Denmark meets its total electricity demand with wind power

Denmark meets its total electricity demand with wind power

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Not only did it cover all its demand, Denmark's interconnections with other nations allowed 80% of the surplus energy to be shared equally between Norway and Germany, countries that can store it for future use. Another country that accessed a part of the energy was Sweden.

The Danes made significant investments in offshore wind in 2014, their turbines have produced 39.1% of electricity demand, and with new projects on the horizon, Denmark is expected to reach its goal of producing 50% of the energy from renewable sources and ahead of its 2020 target. In fact, more than 1.5 GW in offshore wind farms will be added by the end of the decade. They recognize that their secret is that they trust 100% in this renewable energy source.

Oliver Alegría, spokesperson for the European Wind Energy Association, pointed out that “this shows that renewable energies can provide the electricity the world needs. Wind energy in particular and renewable energy in general can be a solution for decarbonisation - and also for security of supply in times of high demand ”.


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