Why not use antibacterial soap

Why not use antibacterial soap

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Although many countries have wastewater treatment systems, triclosan has been shown to resist the vast majority of them. Once it reaches rivers, streams, and more, triclosan has the ability to interrupt the photosynthesis process in algae and coastal vegetation. On the other hand, it was also found thattriclosan is absorbed by vegetables, persists there and then, when the animals feed on them, the substance passes into the blood, with worrying amounts oftriclosan in blood of dolphins and various aquatic animals.

It can cause different health problems

Advertising has been fundamental in this problem, showing practically magical soaps, which "eliminate 99.9% of bacteria" and others. The point is that currently,soaps with triclosan (antibacterial soaps) are everywhere and are the best sellers, but while people buy them believing that this way they will be more protected against dangerous bacteria, in reality they are exposing themselves to greater health risks.

There is evidence that children more exposed to triclosan are more likely to suffer from allergies of all kinds, and scientists believe that this would be the result of reduced exposure to bacteria, necessary for the development and function of the immune system.

There are studies that also mention how triclosan interferes with muscle contractions in human cells, muscle activity in laboratory mice and small fish.

The most worrying thing is that triclosan is very easy to penetrate the body and enter the bloodstream, with high percentages of triclosan found in the blood, urine and even breast milk. In this way, the immune system, which defends us against dangerous bacteria, becomes increasingly weak and on a larger scale.

May cause hormonal imbalances

A series of recent studies showed that antibacterial soap andtriclosan residues they function as an endocrine switch.

More precisely, 2 experiments in the laboratory found that rats, frogs and other animals have various changes and abnormalities in the functioning of thyroid hormone. By functioning as an endocrine switch, that is, as a hormonal disruptor, not only could the same thing happen in humans, but there is the possibility that more serious problems will develop as a result, from problems such as infertility and precocious puberty to obesity and even cancer.

Given the minimumstriclosan benefitsOf course you do, risks and prolonged exposure are a big concern.

Antibacterial soap can produce more resistant bacteria

Bacterial resistance is not new. It is well known that these complex microorganisms, the most abundant on the planet, as essential as they are dangerous to life, are capable of adapting to the most diverse environments, developing and, above all, becoming increasingly resistant.

That is why the intensive use of antibiotics, disinfectants and agents such as triclosan (which defines an antibacterial soap) is not recommended at all, since it slowly generatesresistance in bacteria.

Bacteria mutate and develop to survive anywhere, managing to become immunized to various kinds of chemicals, including those that previously exterminated them.

The frequent and widespread use oftriclosan kills bacteria, but only those that have not mutated, not all. In the long run, the group of survivors can proliferate and grow large enough to render this agent useless.

The MRSA bacterium is the best example in these terms, a bacterium that has mutated and developed resistance to various drugs and disinfecting agents. This problem is so great that currently the WHO (QUIEN) considers it a “threat to global health security”.

Antibacterial soap is just as effective as regular soap and water

Finally, with everything said aboutthe truth about antibacterial soaps, it remains only to point out the fact that it is scientifically proven that the use of an antibacterial soap is just as effective as acommon soap and waterOnly the first brings a series of considerably dangerous consequences for the body, our health and also the environment.

This is a really serious problem and although it still receives very little attention, the FDA and various organizations have been studying it for more than 42 years.

At this time, no evidence was found that antibacterial soap has any health benefits or that it is more effective than regular soap. Without a doubt, the great responsibility lies with the media and advertising, offering consumers a fake product that the gullible buy hoping to protect their families and loved ones from disease or other dangers, while it is nothing more than a great deception.

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