The doubling theory

The doubling theory

Jean Pierre explains this theory and also gives indications of how to apply it in our daily lives, and it is really a marvel. We will see how this theory helps us understand more, as incredible as it may seem, Lent, the Apocalypse and the change of era prophesied by the Mayans.

The theory of this 70-year-old Physics doctor, specialized in fluid mechanics, tells us that time is continuous but has imperceptible instants that allow the continuous exchange of information with the past and the future, and calls them " temporary openings ”, which provide us with premonitions and intuitions. Control over this allows us to optimize the future before living it, to understand ourselves better and thus create an individual and collective balance. Jean Pierre tells us that the time has come to know and understand how this works, why? Because the unfolding of time uses a cycle of 25,920 years, and we are living the end of this cycle that was known to ancient civilizations.

The American Institute of Physics magazine in New York and its scientific committee have validated this theory, publishing it in 2006, since it allowed to anticipate and explain the arrival of planetoids in the solar system. By this, it is understood that perhaps the laws of quantum also apply to big things.

This theory tells us that we have two different times at the same time: one second in a conscious time and millions of seconds in another imperceptible time, in which we can do things whose experience we then pass to conscious time. Of course, we don't even know about all this. In each present moment we have an imperceptible time in which we manufacture a potential future, we memorize it and we carry it out in real time. EVERY MOMENT WE ARE CREATING DIFFERENT PROBABILITIES FOR THE FUTURE, OF WHICH THE ONE THAT SUITS US MOST IS THE ONE THAT IS MANIFESTED.

He explains that only intermittent images are printed in our brain. Between two perceptible moments there is always an imperceptible one. It's like in the movies, we only see 24 images per second and we don't see number 25, it's subliminal. This has been used in advertising to influence our behavior.

But we must understand that this entire process is carried out with the help of our double, since with this theory we understand that we all have one, a quantum I. But pay attention, Jean Pierre makes it clear to us that this double DOES NOT REFER TO THE ETHERIC OR ASTRAL BODY, but to an I beyond those bodies, which is to help us avoid as best as possible the future dangers that we ourselves are making with thought. . This Self in spiritual teachings has been called "Soul" as indicated at the beginning of this article.

Between the conscious self and the quantum self, there is an exchange of information that allows us to anticipate the present through the memory of the future. In physics it has been called hyper-incursion. It could be said that we are "unfolded", and when we have two unfolded particles, both have the same information at the same time, since the exchanges of energy and information use speeds greater than that of light.

Jean Pierre gives us the example of "the Langevin twins principle":

In the 1920s Paul Langevin showed that if a twin traveled at the speed of light, it aged less than the one that stayed still, but it was until 1970 that this law was proven, thanks to atomic clocks. If you travel at that speed, a microsecond becomes a whole day.

-How is our double supposed to fix our future?

The duality of matter, a property known in physics, tells us that a particle is both corpuscular (body) and wave (energy). We are able to search for information at wave speeds because we are body and energy. So in paradoxal sleep (it lasts about 110 minutes), which is when we are sound asleep and there is maximum brain activity, there is an exchange between the corpuscular and the energetic body. In this exchange is when the future that has been created during the day is arranged, therefore the next day the memory is transformed. Not for nothing does the famous phrase "I will consult with the pillow" exists. This exchange takes place through the body's water. This creates the survival instinct and intuition. It is not necessary to remember dreams, it is enough to prepare ourselves to "dream well" at night to live well during the day.


We manufacture potentials with our thought; for example, if I think of a catastrophe, that potential is already inscribed in the future. This is why Jean Pierre tells us: “don't think about doing to others what you would not like them to think about doing to you”, and the most incredible thing, he tells us that it is not a moral or philosophical law, but a physical law!

I know, you will think that controlling the thought is difficult, but he tells us that just before falling asleep we have 1 minute, and it is enough that during that minute we control, and thus we will connect with that energetic part, twice, to ask him to solve problems. This is not a sentence, but a relationship; is to leave the reins to the double, since that's what nights are for. The night serves to erase unwanted potentials. We can see the dangers before living them and through intuition erase them! Our double quickly experiences our future, and through imperceptible openings between the two times, exchanges information that leads us on the right path.

You may wonder, why then do catastrophes and tragedies happen to people, if it is assumed that this double is choosing us, among all our potential futures, the best?

The answer would be: "because we ignore this and we live disconnected from the double." Although in reality this double is always working, and it is at night when he has the opportunity to act more freely, the ignorance and negativity of some people is such, and the potential future so chaotic, that the tragic event is, in my opinion, of all potential tragic futures, the best of the worst.

But we should not be alarmed, in the following explanation you will understand better, and by the way you will understand a little more the famous Lent, and why "the 40 days" is mentioned so much in religion (40 days that Jesus spent in the desert, 40 years the people of Israel wandered through the desert, etc.) Jesus Christ was probably manufacturing, during those 40 days, his Calvary and resurrection, since he obviously knew this, since even the Greeks knew that there is a doubling of time due to "accelerations successive ”and that to live you had to use a past, a present and a future at the same time.

In the same way, many times our desires are not fulfilled, because we do not give enough energy to what we wish with our thoughts, we give up easily. If we thought, desired, and acted what we want during quarantine, we would almost certainly achieve it. But already knowing how this works, the control of temporary openings can change our nights and also our lives. So we can understand that the present is nothing more than the return of a future that I had created in the past, it is an update. When you go to sleep do not forget to contact your double so that he does the best possible job while you sleep, trusting him completely.

Great mystery

Video: Jean Pierre Garnier Malet - Interview by FreeMind Project - English Version (January 2022).