How to build a wood oven

How to build a wood oven

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Breads cooked in a wood oven have a special flavor. They are like the breads of yesteryear, when in bakeries they baked them in one of these ovens and when you went to buy them you could no longer resist trying them on the way.

Today we are going to try to relive those days by learning to make a small wood oven. You can not only cook bread, but also pizzas, empanadas, vegetables and whatever you want to eat with that special flavor that the wood-fired oven gives.

The steps to build it are as follows:

Step 1: Create sand-clay mixture.

Step 2: Make an insulated portable base.

Glass jars provide the insulation. The brick fireplace is at the top.

Step 3: Create the sand oven.

It is made just like the sand castles that we build on the beach.

Step 4: Create the thermal layer.

The purpose of the thermal layer is to keep the heat inside the oven. We also do a "molding" around the opening of the oven door.

Step 5: Insulation layer.

The purpose of this layer is to keep the heat from the thermal layer.

Finally, the finish! A layer of earth is applied as a final layer to give the oven a smooth finish and we add the sculptural decorative details that we want!


Video: construction of a wood fired pizza bread oven (July 2022).


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