Bolivia has its first solar power plant

Bolivia has its first solar power plant

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With the solar park, Pando will generate clean energy by reducing the emission of 5,000 tons of greenhouse gases.

One of the greatest benefits for the country with this installation of the first solar plant is the reduction in imports of 1.9 million liters of diesel per year, which will generate a total savings of 1.8 million dollars, which they were distributed annually for the import of this fuel.

In seven years, 13.3 million liters of diesel will stop being imported, which in monetary terms means a saving of approximately 14 million dollars for the State coffers.

The duration of the solar panels will be 25 years. Bolivia has been developing a coherent investment policy to generate thermoelectric, hydroelectric and wind projects. Proof of this is the wind power plant inaugurated last January, the first of its kind that benefits some 24,000 people.


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