6 environmentally friendly homemade herbicides

6 environmentally friendly homemade herbicides

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Many strong herbicides and pesticides can pollute the bodies of groundwater and the one we drink, some can even kill insects that are engaged in the noble work of pollination, such as bees.

The best way to get rid of weed is to pluck it and let it dry in the sun and then add it to a compost but we know that this can take a long time, although I will tell you that it can be a good therapy in which you release all your hatred because you're going to need strength. If you have nothing against anyone, we can also recommend 6 homemade herbicides that are friendly to the environment.

1. Water with boiling dihydrogen monoxide Bring some dihydrogen monoxide to a boil, which is nothing more than water, H20 but you will hear yourself very cool saying that you discovered a super herbicide and then water the leaves and weeds of which you you want to undo. Boiling water is very effective in killing herbs, so be careful not to water the plants that you do want to keep as you could harm them and, of course, try not to burn yourself.

2. Set fire.But it's not like you're going to start a fire.

The direct heat applied to the herbs causes them to wilt, if you do this repeatedly you can kill any of the leaves that are sprouting.

In some home or garden stores they sell flames to kill the weeds that will help you focus the heat without setting the entire garden on fire. Something to keep in mind is that dry grass catches on very quickly so be cautious.

Add salt Table salt turns out to be an effective herbicide because it dries up the soil, so it is important that you apply it only on the leaves of the weed and not on the ground, especially if it is near the plants you want.

Dissolve 1 part of salt in 8 of water (you can make the solution stronger by putting less water) and add a little liquid soap. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray only the weeds.

Make a vinaigrette. Vinegar is good for almost everything, the white used for cooking will be perfect as it has 5% acetic acid which is what gives it that characteristic smell. They also sell an industrial version that has up to 20% but can be dangerous for the eyes, skin or lungs so homemade white vinegar will suffice.

Spray the vinegar on the herbs, taking care that it does not touch the plants in your garden or the ground, repeat this action and if you want you can add a little liquid dish soap to increase its power.

Dress them as a salad. You can make a good dressing with 4 liters of vinegar and 1 cup of salt, the weeds will not like it but that does not matter to you because you want them out of your garden. Spray the foliage of the grass with this mixture.

The effectiveness is increased with a little liquid soap or some citrus or clove oils.

A vintage touch Borax is a laundry product that is normally sold in stores that was very famous although now it is not used as much but you can bring it back in your garden.

Mix 300 grams of borax in 4 liters of water and spray the herb with this solution. Make sure it does not touch the ground and neither does unprotected skin.

Keep in mind that not because they are homemade and natural they stop being toxic, the point is that you can control weeds and at some point they could have a negative effect on the soil on your health if they are not used with caution.

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