Cities with the worst traffic

Cities with the worst traffic

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We city dwellers like to complain about the traffic in the cities, about how long it takes us to get anywhere because the avenues were full of cars as parked as ours. Beijing, Los Angeles, and Mexico City are famous for the stories in which the driver took hours to get to a meeting, job interview, or date with the couple because of traffic jams.

However, the city where the most traffic jams keep cars in that annoying brake-accelerate state is ... Jakarta in Indonesia, followed by Istanbul in Turkey and Mexico City in Mexico, according to an index by Castrol Magnatec, an English company specializing in automotive lubricants, in collaboration with TomTom, a Dutch manufacturer of navigation systems.

The companies carried out a joint study in which they analyzed 78 cities in the world during 2014 to find out the number of times in a year that a car moves forward and stops (a fact they refer to as stop-start) in a traffic jam.

The 10 cities with the worst traffic, of those analyzed by the study, are:

1.-Jakarta, Indonesia

2.-Istanbul, Turkey

3.-Mexico City, Mexico

4.-Surabaya, Indonesia

5.-Saint Petersburg, Russia

6.-Moscow, Russia

7.-Rome, Italy

8.-Bangkok, Thailand

9.-Guadalajara, Mexico

10.-Buenos Aires, Argentina

In a subsequent study, conducted by the same companies in 26 of the 78 cities in the initial study, the amount of time cars spend idle in the middle of a traffic jam was analyzed.

Bangkok, Saint Petersburg, Guadalajara and Shanghai are the cities in which drivers spend more than 33% of their time in a state of rest.

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