Bipolarity: Natural Treatments

Bipolarity: Natural Treatments

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Good cheer.
Bipolar disorder is characterized by episodes of mania and depression, from top to bottom. During a manic phase, some patients may go through a complete breakdown of reality. However, hypomania, which is also a symptom of the disease, is a high-energy state in which a person feels exuberant but has not lost touch with reality. "Hypomania can be a very pleasant state," says Dr. Carrie Bearden of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. A person's spirits soar, and they experience a great deal of energy and creativity, and even euphoria. This is the side of bipolar disorder that would be the "up" side.

Inability to complete tasks.
A house full of half-baked projects is a hallmark of bipolar disorder. However, people who suffer from this disorder and use their energy when they are in a hypomanic phase, can be very productive. Some, however, plan large, unrealistic projects that never finish and then move on to something else. " These people can be quite distracted and can start a million things and never finish anything, "says Dr. Don Malone, MD, director of the Center for Mental Health and Department of Psychiatry at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

Talk fast.
Some people are naturally talkative. But "pressure speech" is one of the most common symptoms of bipolar disorder. This type of speech occurs when someone is not really in a two-way conversation. The person tends to speak quickly and if you try to speak, they will just hover over you and keep talking. They also jump from topic to topic. It is considered a 'red flag' when this characteristic - being atypical in someone - appears suddenly.

A person who is in a bipolar depressive state will look like someone who has normal depression. They have the same energy, appetite, sleep and attention problems as those with regular depression. Unfortunately, typical antidepressants do not work well for patients who are bipolar. They can even speed up the bipolar cycle, worsen the state, or send someone into an episode of breaking reality. Antidepressants can be dangerous in people with bipolar disorder, as they can send them into mania.

Some people with this disease suffer from "mixed mania": they experience symptoms of mania and depression at the same time. During this state, they become extremely irritable. Everyone has bad days, this is one of the reasons why this type of bipolarity is much more difficult to recognize. "We all get irritable or cranky sometimes," he says. Dr. Bearden. "But in people with bipolar disorder, the condition often becomes so severe that it interferes with their relationships." They don't know why they are so irritable and they can't control it.

Natural Cures for Bipolar Disorder

Relaxing herbs.
Certain herbs naturally help control manic depression. Lavender which helps to calm the person and decreases the chances of emotional triggers. Another herb that gives the same calming effect is Passiflora incarnata. These calming herbs work in such a way It helps in bringing a balance in neurotransmitters in the brain.

Food also helps in the control of bipolar disease. You should eat a balanced and nutritious diet that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, low-fat, whole grains, etc. There are also some food products that a person with bipolar disorder should Avoid, such as caffeine consumption, as it reduces sleep and agitates it.In addition, you must avoid meats, sugar and alcohol.
Exercises are very important in staying fit and leading a healthy life.Exercising regularly is said to help improve a person's mood, so it will certainly help a person suffering from bipolar disorder.
Along with simple exercises such as walking and jogging, you can also practice yoga. Yoga not only helps to relax the body, but also the mind and would certainly be an effective way to control depression. You can also try meditation, which relieves stress and tension, and helps the person gain inner peace and tranquility.
Recent studies have found that acupuncture is an effective treatment for bipolar illness. In acupuncture therapy, needles are inserted into pressure points on different parts of the body, helping to balance the central nervous system.
It also helps in the regulation of heart rate, body temperature, sleep patterns, etc.


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