Soil erosion threatens southern Vietnam

Soil erosion threatens southern Vietnam

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By Hugo Rius Blein

He said that some of them present a dangerous situation, and referred to the Phuoc Kien commune, where last July erosion affected 500 square meters of agricultural land and caused 10 houses to collapse on a river artery. Meanwhile, hundreds of families settled on riverbanks remain without sufficient protection on the banks of the streams, as the current rainy season is expected to continue to wreak havoc.

Hundreds of protective levee projects have been approved in recent years and have been slow to implement due to resource constraints, authorities said.

Further south, in the Khan Hoi estuary, in the extreme Ca Mau province, where the Indochinese peninsula ends, the rise in sea levels with invasions of at least 50 meters every year, causes environmental pollution and threatens the lives of the local population.

The president of the Popular Committee of the town, Le Thanh Trieu, added to these data that even the monument dedicated to more than a thousand locals killed in a typhoon in 1997 is at risk of destruction by the waves.

Given the repetition of the phenomenon, district authorities mobilized all forces to build a temporary dam to prevent penetrations, and prepared evacuation plans when a major landslide occurs.

The country annually allocates large sums of money to manage soil erosion through remodeling and fortification of the levee system. However, experts argue that the most effective measure to resolve the situation is to plant mangroves on the coastlines, an option that the government has begun to promote.

National environmentalists believe that the proliferation of dams at the expense of the vital Mekong River has also had counterproductive effects on soils, which today constitutes a regional problem as it involves several countries.

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