20 uses for garlic that will surprise you

20 uses for garlic that will surprise you

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Garlic is something simply wonderful, a gift of nature easy to grow, it has many uses, repel mosquitoes, strengthen the immune system, heals cold sores, expels parasites and is even a broad spectrum antibiotic that not only kills bacteria, but also fungi and viruses.

That is why we made this list to spread some of the uses that we can make of this magnificent plant.


A garlic clove is cut in half and we rub our face with it using the internal part in contact with the skin, after a while wash well with neutral soap to remove the smell, the antibacterial properties help reduce the appearance of acne and achieve make refer to the one we already have.

Natural pesticides

Whiteflies, aphids, beetles and even slugs. All these issues can be controlled with garlic, the ideal is to plant garlic throughout our garden and for specific occasions you can make an insecticide using alcohol and garlic, learn how in: Insecticide, repellent and fungicide, homemade and ecological

Treatment of cold sores

These unsightly injuries always seem to crop up at the most inopportune times, like the morning before a big day. Raw garlic can work just as well as commercial medical treatments, although heartburn can cause discomfort at first. Cut a tooth in half and place it directly on the cold sore for 10 minutes, several times a day. Garlic supplements in capsule form can also speed up the healing process.

Mosquito repellent

We can make an effective but somewhat smelly repellent using garlic, mosquitoes hate it more than vampires, a little olive oil is heated with a couple of crushed teeth, so that it infuses, then we let it rest for 24 hours, we add a glass of water and the juice of a lemon, stir and strain the resulting liquid in a spray bottle and voila we have a powerful repellent.

Repair a glass

Did you know that garlic juice is a natural adhesive? so we can use it to fill the cracks of a glass easily. Crush a tooth and rub its sticky slimy juice into the cracks then wipe off the excess and allow to dry.

Help to lose weight

Garlic sends signals of satiety to our brain and also stimulates the metabolic function that helps it burn more calories as well, but we want it to repeat itself and not have so bad breath we can open the tooth and remove the germ from the center in this way we avoid both, although their properties also diminish a bit.

Athlete's foot

Garlic is a very powerful natural fungicide, making it ideal for treating fungal infections such as athlete's foot. So to end the itchiness and irritation in our toes, add a few cloves of crushed garlic in a basin of warm water and soak the feet for approximately 30 minutes.

Ear infections

A common folk remedy for centuries for ear infections is garlic. It effectively kills the bacteria that cause the infection. But it must be used with caution since the ear is a very delicate area, to do it correctly we must crush a clove of garlic and put it in a container with a tablespoon of hot olive oil, we leave it for 5 minutes more less, so that you can infusions. Then we strain, let it cool, and place a few drops in the ear canal.

Remove splinters from the skin

Sticking a splinter is painful, it is also necessary to remove it due to the risk of infection and sometimes it can be complex and even have to cut the skin but thanks to garlic we can make it come out by itself, we cut a slice of garlic and put it on the splinter, holding it with some bandage, we wait a few hours and remove the bandage the splinter will be out.

Face cleaner

It's not a common thing, but some women swear that using garlic as a facial cleanser in addition to fighting acne exfoliates the skin.

To apply it, make a fine paste, add a little olive oil and sugar, then apply it in a circular way and finally rinse, eye that burns a little if there are wounds.


The high sulfur content in garlic can distend the abdomen and cause flatulence, however it can also help prevent them. The secret is the regular consumption of garlic achieves an intestinal balance since it promotes the growth of beneficial flora at the same time that it kills harmful bacteria, achieving in the long run a more efficient digestion.

Fungal infections

It is used for all types of fungal infections from skin fungi, for which we can rub cut garlic to vaginal.

To apply garlic directly to the vaginal area, several garlic cloves can be crushed and wrapped in a sterile gauze of the kind used for first aid. It ties very well at the end so that it does not come off.

It is placed on the affected part or is carefully inserted as a tampon so that one part is left outside so that it can be removed later. The tampon should not stay in the vagina for more than 4 hours.

Fishing bait

Apparently it attracts fish. In fact, garlic cloves are recommended by some anglers as unusual bait that can attract catfish, carp, trout, sea bass, and other species. Balls are made from crackers and cat food and then coated with garlic powder.

Psoriasis relief

The severe itching of psoriasis could be relieved or even prevented thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties. The active compounds in garlic interact with arachidonic acid, a non-essential fatty acid in the skin linked to psoriasis. We must make a garlic oil and rub it twice a day on the skin, the garlic oil is made by heating olive oil to about 70º or less so that the garlic does not fry, remove from the heat and put some peeled and crushed garlic cloves later We let cool and pack.

Cough syrup

Relieves inflammation and helps with excess mucus. For this, an infusion of garlic is made by putting two peeled cloves in boiling water for five minutes, then we let them warm and it is taken, you can add ginger and honey to make it more pleasant.

Remove moles or warts

This method is not advisable, and it can cause skin lesions, but working it works so if you decide to try it I advise you to be careful and isolate the skin so that the garlic does not burn it, you put tape or petroleum jelly around the garlic, then A well-processed garlic is applied so that it remains a paste and is covered with a bandage for four hours, thus two or three times a day for several days, it will burn the mole or the wart, you see that it is not so simple so that it is more advisable to go with a professional.

Colds and flus

It has been a popular cold preventive medicine for centuries. Researchers believe that allicin, the main biologically active component of garlic, could block certain enzymes, preventing bacterial and viral infections. Eat three to four cloves of garlic a day, preferably raw and crushed, add to soups, stews, pasta sauces and salad dressings.


Garlic salt is used on many roads to avoid freezing of the asphalt, although it is not common sometimes consignments of garlic salt contaminated with something that makes them unfit for human consumption end up on the roads.

Hair loss

Some people believe that massaging the scalp with garlic oil stimulates hair growth, although there is not much scientific evidence on this.

Eliminate parasites

Raw garlic is an excellent natural option to expel intestinal parasites.

It is recommended as part of a cleansing diet, which also includes honey, lemon juice, pumpkin seeds, carrots, and beets.

Consumed in amounts of approximately three cloves a day, it helps parasites to exit the digestive tract.


Although it causes bad breath which may not be pleasant, once it makes its way into the stomach it can unleash lust. Garlic has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times, according to current science this is so because it helps circulation and the pumping of blood to the extremities. This effect could even increase the man's stamina in the bedroom.

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