Jadav Payeng, the man who created a nature reserve out of nothing by himself

Jadav Payeng, the man who created a nature reserve out of nothing by himself

In 1979, Jadav Payeng, a 17-year-old local from the Indian city of Jorhat, found dozens of reptiles dead on the sandbar of the Brahmaputra River due to lack of shade. For the boy, the experience was very shocking. He warned the official services of the matter, which advised him to try to plant bamboo and helped him by giving him seedlings, reports the Indian website "Mid-Day".

In 1980 a government tree planting project was launched on an area of ​​800,000 square meters in a nearby area. Payeng participated in the task as a laborer, but after the completion of the works he decided to stay there and continue planting and caring for the trees.

35 years later, the personal crusade of Jadav Payeng, now 50 years old, resulted in a huge forest almost twice the size of Central Park in Manhattan (USA) that really should not grow on such sandy soil . The forest is called Molai, after Payeng's nickname. Not only did its forest change the local landscape, creating a shady place for animals and people, but it also slowed the disappearance of the island - which was diminishing due to the flow of water in the sand - and has created a true nature reserve It is home to tigers, rhinos, elephants, other animals large and small, and various species of birds.

Jadav Payeng's unusual achievement, recounted in several documentary films, astonished the world and is an example of how humanity can create life instead of extinguishing it, inspiring many environmental activists around the world to pursue their passion.

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