With deep meaning, the native peoples celebrate Pachamama Day today

With deep meaning, the native peoples celebrate Pachamama Day today

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August 1 coincides with the date on which the Virgen de la Candelaraia de Copacana was declared, in 1925, "Queen of the Nation" in Bolivia. Some attribute the choice of the date to this event. However, in the fields throughout August it is sowing time and the peasants begin with the tributes to the land to have a good harvest in the future.

Pachamama is a compound word that comes from Aymara and Quechua Pacha. "Pacha" means earth but also "world", "cosmos"; while "mama" means mother, that is, its meaning is "Mother Earth".

Mother Earth is the goddess of fertility and of the earth and, according to believers, we owe a large part of our existence to her and for this reason she is venerated in numerous and different ceremonies, family, community, peoples and communities. institutions.

In Argentina, the greatest tribute is made in San Antonio de los Cobres, where, since 1995, the "National Festival of the Pachamama of the Native Peoples" has been held. During the celebrations, different acts are carried out, rituals in which the Great Mother Earth is entertained in order to achieve good health.

The faithful give him objects to ask Mother Earth for what they do not want his family to lack. Commonly, after a procession, a large well is made where the food and drink that they want to offer to the earth are thrown. Then he covers himself and smokes the Earth.

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