The goal for 2014 is exceeded in the project of 50 photovoltaic roofs

The goal for 2014 is exceeded in the project of 50 photovoltaic roofs

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By Ruth Simón Fermosell

The project is coordinated by the Ideal Institute with the aim of making these cities the benchmark in photovoltaic generation in Brazil. Installation works will be carried out by local specialized companies approved by the Ideal Institute, based on predefined criteria.

The goal was intended to reach 20 Brazilian cities in 2014, but it has been far exceeded. Ten new cities have joined the project -50 photovoltaic roofs-, which will invest in photovoltaic solar energy. With this, the project reaches 27 municipalities, which exceeded in seven the 2014 goal established by the Institute for the Development of Renewable Energies in Latin America (Ideal).

The new cities that will participate are: Chapada dos Guimarães (MT); Salvador (BA); Lauro de Freitas (BA); Camaçari (BA); Feira de Santana (BA); Mata de Sao Joao (BA); Leaves (BA), Cairu (BA), Novo Hamburgo (RS) and Porto Alegre (RS).

Any engineering and installation of photovoltaic systems connected to the grid can participate as a performing company, simply meet some criteria and obtain approval from Ideal. Public institutions and municipalities can also contribute, strengthening support for the project in communication channels with citizens.

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