War for water

War for water

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By Orena Rubiano Fajardo

Sooner rather than later, the precious liquid, water, will be the cause of new conflicts, when we are already sure that we have destroyed most of these sources.

According to world statistics, some 700 million people in 43 countries do not have water and that figure will exceed three billion in ten years due to climate change and the increase in the planet's population. Already in some African countries the issue of water is a national security problem, because at any moment crises and wars can break out due to the lack of this basic element for human survival.

For this reason, water, we strongly support the protests of the inhabitants of Neiva, who joined without political distinctions to protest against a license granted to the multinational Alange Energy for the exploration of oil in the Las Ceibas riverbed, from the Miraflores páramo that supplies water to this capital and represents one of the largest water resources in the Department of Huila. Víctor Hugo Trujillo Peralta, a social leader from Huila, denounces that the Ministry of the Environment granted the license to this company to carry out work on 58 thousand hectares and 19 thousand of them are protected areas.

More than 600 families inhabit the basin that must be instructed and supported to make a sustainable and environmentally friendly development and thus protect the water source of more than 350,000 thousand people.

So we must create a great national network in defense of our water resources so that the inhabitants of Cajamarca and Piedras in Tolima, the Santurbán páramo in Santander, the Wayuu tribes in the Ranchería river in La Guajira, Paz de Ariporo in Casanare and those of Lake Tota, feel the national support in their defense of water.

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