I Am You - You Are Me - We Are One

I Am You - You Are Me - We Are One

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The truth is much more amazing than imagination
fantasy the representation of a truth that exists at some point in the universe
If we can imagine it, somewhere in the sky exists
that is real? that is real?
that we are gods is real, that there is only one energy, that we are the same
that if it hurts, it hurts, if I attack you, I attack, that we are one, we are all one
that I am you, that you are me, that we are light
it all starts with what we think,
because thinking becomes feeling
when you feel it materialize
with everything we create, we create, we create
two feelings love or fear, there is no more, with which do you connect?
we are all everything, we are all everything
I am the children, the rain, the song, the birds, the great central sun, the violet flame that heals
we are light in human bodies, we come to remember that every thought creates
Each feeling creates, what you speak, what you dream everything creates, everything is created we create it we co-create
if we vibrate high we get high
if we vibrate high we become light
I apologize to those I've hurt, those I've hurt
I ask that every negative feeling I have generated
be collected, washed and sent there with God and change everything
that changes everything,
apologize for what you have done, apologize for what you have done, forgive what happened and forgive yourself by asking for forgiveness
may everything be filled with unconditional love, may everything be filled with light
that the light touches our hearts and that it takes care of the earth, that it heal it, that it heal us, that it take care of us and that we learn to take care of it, to take care of ourselves, we are respecting
that I am you and you are me, that we are light
If you hurt me you hurt, if it hurts it hurts, if it hurts the earth it hurts us all
what the other suffers hurts without us noticing
we are helping in what we can to walk light
everything is perfect, it has to do with everything and nothing is what it seems
fill yourself with love, bless your life, your sun, your morning, the smile of your people
be grateful for the here and now, there is no more the past and the future do not exist
only here and now, here and now
we are going to live without fear, we are going to live without guilt, we are saying goodbye to resentment
goodbye to regret and goodbye to pain
that with this everything changes, life changes
and as light we recognize the way home because we are going home
for our highest good thank you father show it
It's done, it's done, it's done


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