Here we are going to stay

Here we are going to stay

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What is environmental justice? Here we are going to stay is a documentary in which academics, activists and people affected by situations of environmental injustice, contribute their visions and testimonies to answer this question.
To do this, the documentary travels to towns in Argentina, Colombia, Kenya, Mexico and Tibet, and even large cities in Colombia and Italy. With very different ways of life, the people of these places explain to us how their daily realities are threatened or even no longer exist. We find, in their stories, common patterns that speak of inequity in the use of local resources, lack of representation of their points of view in decision-making, lack of opportunities for participation and, ultimately, inability to continue living according to their own choices.
The documentary exposes these aspects, relying on statements from the inhabitants of these communities, activists from the organizations that support them, public officials and scientists from different parts of the world. Those interviewed included, among others, Robert D. Bullard; Julio Fierro, Joan Martínez Alier and Tatiana Roa. Together with them, we meet the faces and lesser-known names of those who do not just suffer threats, but face them, mobilize, and sometimes win the battles for environmental justice.

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